Diabetes Mellitus Basic Training Course

Course Duration
2022/06/14 15:50 - 2022/09/14 23:55
Certificate Deadlines
2022/06/01 10:00 - 2022/10/31 23:55
Course Description



Part A. Fundamental
(1) Introduction of DM Basic Training Course
(2) Current Status and Prevention and Control Experiences of Diabetes in Taiwan
(3) Classification, Diagnosis, and Epidemiology of Diabetes Mellitus
(4) Prevention or Delay of Type 2 Diabetes Facilitating Behavior Change and Well-being to Improve Health Outcomes
(5) Glycemic Targets Self-monitoring of Blood Glucose
(6) Hypoglycemia
(7) Pharmacologic Approaches to Glycemic Treatment
(8)Cardiovascular Disease and Risk Management
(9)Microvascular Complications
(10)Diabetic Foot Care
(11)Children and Adolescents
(12)Diabetes Care in the Hospital
(13)Diabetes and Weight Management
(14)Exercise advice for diabetic patients
(15)Medical Nutrition Therapy
(16)Nutrition Therapy in the Caribbean
(17)Health Promotion and Stress Management Related to DM Care during COVD-19 Pandemic
(18)Closing Remarks


Please be noted that you'll have three attempts to answer the FINAL TEST questions!

You will receive a certificate by successfully completing all courses, tests, and evaluation.